The Vili’s Story

Vili’s have spent 30 years building a network of suppliers in the Riverland, Adelaide Hills and Virginia to help produce their products. Utilising local suppliers helps them to ensure that their product is as high quality as possible. “If the taste is right, you have an enormous advantage” says Vili Milisits, founder of Vili’s. Vili … Continued

The Emmaline’s Country Kitchen Story

Emmaline’s Country Kitchen began 20 years ago, when Andrew and Susan Horwood started selling homemade cakes and biscuits to local stores in Lobethal, South Australia. The appeal of the homemade product made it an immediate success. “We started the business in our home kitchen, much to my wife’s displeasure,” says Andrew. “We produced them for … Continued

The Mojo Kombucha Story

Drakes are the first supermarket in the country to have kombucha on tap, and the great thing about it is – it’s Mojo. Less than ten years ago, Anthony and Sarah Crabb were fermenting Mojo Kombucha in the family shed, bottling it by hand and selling it at the Willunga Farmers Market. “Fermentation is a really unique proposition, … Continued

The River Port Beverages Story

SA’s River Port Beverages have made Portello since 1899, making it one of the world’s oldest soft drink brands. “These products are synonymous with South Australia,” says Pat Moss, Business Development Manager at Australian Pure Fruits. “And they’re still made here in South Australia.” Originally a fruit processing and puree business, Australian Pure Fruits expanded in 2006, buying … Continued