Drakes Enterprise Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

What is an ‘Enterprise Registered Training Organisation? Enterprise registered training organisations are defined by the following characteristics:

  • the core business of the registered enterprise is not the provision of training;
  • the enterprise RTO provides accredited training for the employees of the enterprise;
  • the enterprise RTO is embedded or integrated within the business processes of the enterprise.

Drakes Enterprise RTO offers Nationally Accredited Training in:

  • Certificate III in Retail (User Choice – SIR30216)
  • Certificate III in Retail (Cert III Guarantee – SIR30216)
  • Certificate IV in Retail Management (SIR40316)
  • Diploma of Retail Leadership (SIR50116)
  • Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations (TLI30321)

Audit Statement:

Drakes RTO (40119) applied to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) during June 2018 to extend the RTO registration period. ASQA conducted a desktop audit during which there were no compliance issues identified and re-registration was granted until 18th July 2025.

Student Fees and Refund Policy

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Complaint and Appeals Procedure

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