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The Nippy’s Story

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The Nippy’s Story
When he was just 18, Alic ‘Nippy’ Knispel decided he wanted to grow citrus in the Riverland.

“Dad worked with an apricot harvest company in Moorook and he liked the little town so much he bought a mixed fruit property there,” says Jeff Knispel, joint Managing Director at Nippy’s. “Before World War II, he went to the trouble to actually selling the fruit himself in the old East End Market.”

When Nippy’s sons went to high school in the 1960s, the boys collected oranges from the packing facility, squeezed them in their kitchen, and sold the juice to their friends. The rest is history.

After generations of growth, new seasonal oranges now fill the gap between the winter Navel orange and the summer Valencia orange. “We use different strains of oranges over the year, so we keep getting peaks of flavour. We have the best flavour close to 52 weeks of the year.”

As Nippy’s continue to grow, Drakes are the ideal launchpad for new products. “We’ve had a long association with Drakes, it goes back decades.”

“Independent Supermarkets are very crucial to companies like ours and Drakes are one of those organisations that value brands, give us brand recognition, and support us.”

Drakes Supermarkets proudly stock Nippy’s products. Find out more here: https://www.nippys.com.au/