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The Beyond India Story

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The Beyond India Story

The demand for restaurant-quality Indian food at home continues to grow.

“In 1999, we opened Beyond India as a restaurant in North Adelaide and since then we have grown into a multi-faceted modern business,” says Robby Gupta, Director of Beyond India. “We have always served our quality Indian Food at major events throughout Adelaide from our food truck. To expand our business operation further we required an understanding of how food culture was changing, says Gupta. “People are now demanding quality food that they could buy in supermarkets.”

In the early 2000s, Beyond India commenced their relationship  withh Drakes to deliver restaurant quality food in their supermarkets. “Working with Drakes and listening to our customers, we have developed a range which people enjoy eating all year round. With the support of Drakes, ready to eat meals have become the fastest growing part of Beyond India’s business and as we expand, we continue to explore new dishes,” says Gupta. “We look forward to continuing to develop our range to suit customers tastes and grow sales with Drakes.”

Drakes Supermarkets proudly stock Beyond India products in the Ready to Eat Aisle.