Student fees & refund policies


The Fourth Force Pty Ltd trading as Drakes Supermarkets will absorb fees for training courses it has on offer through its Enterprise Registered Training Organisation (ERTO) or as an employer who has / is receiving government funding for training services.

All learners / participants will be made aware of the fees prior to enrolment into the course. The ERTO abides by the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and as such will at all times comply with the eight standards set out in this framework. Each participant will receive a Drakes Student Services Guide upon enrolment into a learning program and are requested to sign and return the back page of this document to confirm their understanding of the operations of the training they are about to undertake.

Fees and charges summary

The Fourth Force Pty Ltd is an employer organisation whose learners solely consist of its employees as students and does not charge fees for the training and/or assessment. No fees are collected from participants for the learning program/s.

Co-contribution payments required as part of the funding arrangement will be made by Drakes as the employer on the participants behalf.

The ERTO currently has an agreement with the Queensland government to be a pre-qualified supplier for funding for Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills Program. Within this agreement Drakes as an employer has agreed to provide a co-contribution payment for the learning programs of the staff. As such Drakes has a training subsidy schedule available to view here.

What do course fees cover?

  • Administration of the course / learning program
  • Resource materials – tailored to Drakes operational workforce
  • Access to Drakes online portal
  • Face to face training (where applicable)
  • Issuance of student Certificate or Statement of Attainment for accredited learning units
  • Assistance with creating a Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • Mentoring / coaching assistance on-the-job
  • Telephone support

Reissue of Certificate or Statement of Attainment

If a student loses or misplaces a Certificate or Statement of Attainment, they may request a replacement copy for their records through the training administrator.

Payment of Co-contribution Funds and Refunds

The Fourth Force Pty Ltd has an internal finance department consisting of a Chief Financial Officer, Accounts, Finance and Account Service Managers, Business Analysts, Payment Services and Accounts Receivable teams. As such the business has the capability to make such co-contribution payments and provide an internal audit trail by a Certified Practising Accountant upon request.

Most RTO’s will have a clause in place to inform clients of an administration fee being non-refundable should the participant withdraw from the learning program. This administration fee in the event of this occurring shall be absorbed by the ERTO. The administration fee would be incurred for setting up records, establishing registration and providing student materials.

For Government subsidised places any co-contribution fees paid will be refunded for the units not trained. (This applies to Queensland Government funding under the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program and the Higher Level Skills Program). As an ERTO, Drakes Supermarkets will pay the co-contribution fees for the employees training courses once they meet the eligibility criteria.

In the event of a learning program being cancelled by The Fourth Force Pty Ltd, a full refund of any monies paid would apply immediately. no monies are to be exchanged prior to a participant commencing the learning program they are enrolled in, therefore eliminating the need for refunding for non commencement issues.

Student fee exemptions and concessions

Concessions vary from state to state and may fluctuate depending on the participants circumstances. To confirm your eligibility and concessional rate, please contact the training department administration team for assistance.

Course withdrawal

If a participant wishes to withdraw from the learning program prior to completion, they are to put their notification in writing within 14 days of effect to the Learning and Development Manager and they must provide the following details:

  • Identification of the participant
  • Store location of the participants
  • Effective date of cancellation of the participant enrolment
  • The reason for the request to withdraw
  • Your complete contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail etc.)