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Re’think your drink, with re’drinks

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Re’think your drink, with re’drinks

Leading the way in the health and wellbeing market, re’drinks was born to challenge the way we consume supplements. Many of the products currently available have an unpleasant taste and leave you feeling like you’re taking medicine – leaving plenty of the ick and loathing for the next dose.

The re’drinks range are crafted to deliver maximum benefits for your health and wellbeing with the convenience of a can. The functional, on-the-go beverages contain no toxins or nasties, and not only do they taste amazing, but they also perfectly complement a healthy lifestyle.

The range includes re’new, a naturally flavoured beverage with effervescent fruit frizz and a powerful 15g of hydrolysed collagen. Formulated to achieve the perfect balance of collagen, re’new not only tastes good but can assist in improving skin hydration and elasticity. One can is all you need to meet your daily collagen requirements and achieve glowing skin from within.

Re’lax is the second addition to the re’drinks line-up and excitingly, the first vegan product. A peach tea created to help the mind and body unwind, it is naturally flavoured and balances ashwagandha with magnesium oxide for functional relaxing benefits.

Wholly Australian made and owned, re’drinks aims to expand the range to include six wellness drinks by mid 2023. Keep your eyes out in Drakes Supermarkets for re’focus and re’store which are coming soon.

Finally, a drink that’s functional, and still tastes great! Re’think your drink, with re’drinks. Now available in the health and beauty aisle at Drakes.