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NEW Uncle Tobys Goodness Shakes!

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NEW Uncle Tobys Goodness Shakes!

Why blend when you can shake?

Try the NEW UNCLE TOBYS Goodness Shakes!

Every shake has a 4.5 Health Rating Star and is made with a mouth-watering combination of milk, oats and fruit.

When made with the goodness of lite milk, every UNCLE TOBYS Goodness Shake has;
– Protein to help you feel fuller,
– Fibre to support digestive health.
– 40% of your daily calcium intake.

This is a great addition to a healthy and varied diet as well as just an awesome way to start your day. Available in three delicious flavours: Mixed Berry, Mango and Banana. Every UNCLE TOBYS Goodness Shakes comes in a re-sealable and re-cycle laminate and has 7 serves.

Make your shake in three easy steps:
1. Take 4 heaped teaspoons (20gs) and place into a shaker.
2. Add in 200ml of cold lite milk (Reduced Fat) and shake well.
3. Enjoy your UNCLE TOBYS Goodness Shake.

You can also make it your own way! By blending it up with your favourite fruits, yogurts and toppings. For family goodness, blend healthy greens and veggies into your shake to please even the pickiest eaters.

You can find UNCLE TOBYS Goodness Shakes in the Milo aisle.