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Happy World Avocado Day!

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Happy World Avocado Day!

Treat yourself this World Avocado Day, with an Aussie-grown Lovacado Avocado.

Here at Costa we make sure that only the best avocados wear the Lovacado badge – from the way we look after our trees, to carefully hand picking the fruit, they really are the cream of the crop.

Our avocados are grown across the country from Queensland’s Childers and Atherton regions, to Fishermans Reach on the NSW coast and the Riverland in South Australia – there’s always a harvest happening somewhere to make sure that the Lovacado avocados you find a Drakes are just right.

Our Lovacado avocados add creaminess to any meal, whether you enjoy your avos in a salad, smashed on toast, thrown into a smoothie or simply topped with feta and eaten with a spoon, be sure to grab a Lovacado at Drakes to celebrate World Avocado Day this 31st July, our Aussie farmers will thank you for it. For more information visit www.lovacado.com.au/.