Human Rights and Modern Slavery

At Drakes our people are the heartbeat of our growing business. We are deeply passionate about the wellbeing of our customers, team members, suppliers and those that work in our supply chains. We strive to create an experience all the way through our operations that ensures that those who come to work for us are treated with dignity and respect.

Drakes understands and embraces a collaborative approach to Human Rights and Modern Slavery. As a business Drakes continues to evolve year on year in this area, never ceasing to advance ourselves further in any aspect that makes working for the Drakes brand enjoyable, fulfilling and ultimately sustainable now and into the future.

Whistle-blower Policy

Drakes is aware and conscious of its position within the retail market and therefore understands its responsibility to act, comply and report any misconduct, malpractice, internal controls, and conflicts of interest that could lead to breaches regarding Human Rights or Modern Slavery. This is detailed in our Whistle blower policy which can be accessed here: Drakes Whistle Blower Policy

Aligned with our Modern slavery statement this policy is designed to ensure that honesty and integrity is maintained. Drakes and its Executive Team are committed to ensuring that any issues of concern are raised in a confidential manner and are investigated thoroughly in accordance with this policy.

Working Rights Policy   

 At Drakes we are committed to upholding human rights, fair working conditions and environmental protection. This means that aspects such as labour rights, working conditions, entitlement to work and grievance procedures are consistently monitored and reviewed in accordance with our Working Rights Policy which can be accessed here: Drakes Working Rights Policy

In accordance with this policy and our legislative requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 Drakes accepts its responsibility to its customers, the community, and its people and endeavours to always operate in a manner in line with this policy.

Responsible Sourcing Policy and Procedure  

Drakes is committed to ensuring compliance regarding Human Rights and Modern Slavery with all our suppliers, our labour hire providers and all other vendors that have influence over our supply chain or operations. The Responsible Sourcing Policy and Procedure details the way in which Drakes ensures this compliance can be accessed here:  Drakes Responsible Sourcing Policy and Procedure Policy   

The Responsible Sourcing Policy and Procedure outlines our commitment to promoting ethical practices not just within the Drakes business but also throughout the community and our supply chain respectively. Drakes takes great pride in its positive relationships with all its suppliers and service providers and thanks them for their consistent cooperation in this space.

Remediation Policy 

Drakes truly appreciates the role it plays both as an employer and within the community. This means that we take responsibility when we are made aware that any of our operations and supply chain have created or may create a risk to an individual’s Human Rights or a breach of The Modern Slavery Act 2018. The details regarding our approach to investigating and remedying these instances can be accessed in our Remediation Policy here: Drakes Remediation Policy

Remediation is a vital part of the process when dealing with matters that have been raised or brought to the attention of the Drakes business, all serious matters raised will be presented to the Executive Team and action taken to deal with matters accordingly. Remediation acts as the final piece of the puzzle once a possible wrongdoing or breach has been reported, identified, and investigated.

How to contact us regarding Human Rights or Modern Slavery

To find out more regarding Drakes approach to assessing, identifying, and remediating Human Rights and Modern Slavery risks or to report a possible concern please feel free to contact the responsible officers listed in any of the polices or statements mentioned above.